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Outdoor - Exhibition panels

With the advent of digital printing, large full colour display panels are increasingly economic and a great way to market your product or service or to convey information. There is also a range of display stands from single panel freestanding models through to multi-panel extensive formats that can be as large as a wall and all can be used ad infinitum for the full range of display advertising that a business intends to do.

At conferences and exhibitions etc, the average person only glances at displays - it is reckoned that it is a mere 3 second period in which you have to attract more attention! Effective and professional design will achieve this, and it is definitely a wise investment, especially so in the case of the rates charged for participating in large events such as trade shows, general public shows, specific regional events, retail outlets, public buildings, etc.

Good design will immediately acknowledge the need for important headlines to be visible over the heads and shoulders of the average person so that in crowds, it is visible: and the least important information should be at the bottom of the panels which are only visible to people immediately in front of the display.

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