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A catalog is generally a large collection of multiple products consisting of many pages bound together. Prices are usually, but not necessarily, included. Pages can be stitched together with staples or perfect bound like a magazine. They can also be bound in a three ring binder for future flexibility, when product specifications change or products are added. A catalog can be printed on various types of paper, referred to as stock in the printing world. Catalogs may be printed in black and white, one color, two colors, three colors, four colors, or any combination of these. Four color printing uses combinations of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black and allows for 50,000 possible different colors. A catalog is a handy reference for salesmen as a wealth of information about a range of products collected in one place. It is also a useful tool to allow a customer to get exactly what they want with minimal hassle.

Innovative's designers often provide multiple initial layouts for client to choose among. Once a particular look is chosen, the designer works out a demo design to give a better feel for the layout. Catalog designs can depend on the number of products, the type of products, and the type of binding desired. The designer and the client work out schedule of supplying information, approving pages, and proofreading content. A client can provide product information in waves as successive parts of the catalog are completed and approved. Clients can provide information in many formats, such as transparencies, slides, negatives, prints, digital disks, or the products themselves. Often a designer is given images from a previous catalog and must then adjust them to fit in with the look of the new catalog, such as changing background colors or removing backgrounds entirely.

Click to visit examples of our catalogs

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